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Operation INFEKTION was a disinformation campaign run by the KGB in the 1980s to spread information that the United States invented HIV/AIDS[2] as part of a biological weapons research project at Fort Detrick, Maryland. The Soviet Unionused it to undermine the United States’ credibility, foster anti-Americanism, isolate America abroad, and create tensions between host countries and the U.S. over the presence of American military bases (which were often portrayed as the cause of AIDS outbreaks in local populations).[3]

According to U.S. State Departmentanalysts, another reason the Soviet Union “promoted the AIDS disinformation may have been its attempt to distract international attention away from its own offensive biological warfare program, which [was monitored] for decades.” In addition to anthrax, the Soviets were believed to have developed tularemia, the plague, and cholera for biological warfare purposes, as well as botulinum toxin, enterotoxins, and mycotoxins.[3] An alternative explanation is that the operation may have been in retaliation for American accusations that the Soviets used chemical weapons in Southeast Asia, later dubbed the yellow rain incident.[2]



Want to use #Apple ’s Mac software on an #iPad ? Well, now you can |#Tech #WOW #SouthChinaMorningPost

#Apple #iPad #macOS
The iPad is an excellent device for doing things such as watching films or reading books, but a handful of limitations keep it from being a real work computer – mainly because it runs on iOS instead of a more robust desktop operating system such as Apple’s macOS.


#Walmart secured a patent to #Eavesdrop on shoppers and employees – #TheVerge #Privacy #Security

#TheVerge #Privacy #Security

This listening system would be able to detect the rustling of shopping bags and the beeps at a register. Walmart could use this tech as an anti-theft solution to find out if number of items in a transaction and number of bags used checks out.

It sounds like a reasonable application of technology in a major retail store, right?



Report: #WallStreet Is Getting Cold Feet on #Bitcoin as #Crypto Crash Continues | #Gizmodo

#WallStreet firms once rumored to be preparing entries to the #cryptocurrency market—particularly bitcoin futures—appear to have gotten cold feet after a brutal beatdown in crypto prices this year, Bloomberg reported on Sunday.



#Cyber attacks hitting computers and webcams every five minutes |#Privacy #Security

#Privacy #Security
“In the last 24 hours we saw over 20,000 attempts to log in, and that’s just one day…. this activity is kind of like the background noise of the internet. It’s just always there.”



What Triggered #Ethereum to Rise 66% Within 1 Week? Factors and Trends |. #Crypto currency #BlockChain

Although the Ethereum price has increased by 66 percent in a short period of time, it is still down 91 percent from its all-time high at $1,448.

In traditional markets, a 20 percent drop from an all-time high is considered a bear market. As such, even with a massive corrective rally, Ethereum and the rest of the cryptocurrency market are in a bear market and struggling to recover out of it.

A sudden breakout of major resistance levels can also leave an asset vulnerable to large drops in the short-term, especially if it cannot be sustained with high volume.



Facebook is reportedly working on its own cryptocurrency

The idea of using a cryptocurrency for transactions within a messaging service isn’t new; In 2017, messaging service Kik announced its own cryptocurrency called Kin. Earlier this month, the company put Kin to use with a tipping feature, but the feature is only available for select users.

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What Is #Litecoin? What to Know in 2019 – #TheStreet #Cryptocurrency

Litecoin is an online cryptocurrency that ranks as the third-largest cryptocurrency on the market behind Bitcoinand Ripple. The currency trades on many digital exchanges and wallets, and has a higher circulating supply of coins than Bitcoin. Litecoin was created by Charles Lee in 2011 and has a coin limit of 84 million.